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Virtual Reality in Education

Virtual Reality in Education Abstract This project consists in introduce more the technology in Education with Virtual Reality. This study shows the problems with the education around the world, differents learning style and understand and take advantage of the characteristic of Virtual Reality offer for learning. This video game allows learning in an interactive way since we can learn use all feels that are auditive, visual and kinesthetic methods. To identify the problems with skills of different students, we found and think that Virtual Reality is a creative an innovative form to learn. It will permit finish with the antiquated methods to learn. Virtual Reality: A creative and innovative form to learn How can Virtual Reality help to improve the education? Many countries around the world continue to use antiquoted methods for learning. It is no good for the students because they do not learn all of knowledge that the teacher theach in class. For that throughout years technology has been a great help for teach to the students in a good way. However, this time Virtual Reality has been implemented like new technology. The caracteristic that it has can be implement in education because with this tool the students can learn by using their senses like hearing, sight and touch. Therefore Virtual Reality is one of the most deviceful tools for schools to teach natural sciences since it is an innovative way of teaching, it uses technological elements and it adjusts to students different learning styles. Innovative Education Several countries like Perà º are implemented new methods in education. In this case Perà º has an innovative way to teach that consist in blended learn its mean that they combine two methods to learning, traditional and each student deliver the content in online way (Segal, 2016). Likewise the Virtual Reality is an innovative and creative form to teach because it permit work in others enviroments such as a person can stay in a rocky mountain and learn about this place. Moreover, the student that use this tools can learn through experiences since it tool is able to do that the person can inmerse in the scene and learn to the sound, imagens and weave. Finally, the students can improve their knowledge with diferents innovative tools like Virtual Reality that with its characteristics can teach to the playful way. Furthermore, Virtual Reality are being implemented by many enterprises such as Google that created a Expeditions, it is proyect of this enterprise that consist in take a students to new place with help to cardboard that is a glasses in Virtual Reality (Wikipedia, 2017). Expedition is constitute in know the places which are considered World Heritage like egyptian pyramids, Galapagos island in Ecuador, Rune of Machu Picchà º in Perà º and a lot of more places around the world. Consecuently, it will have that the students can inmerse and learn about these places for experience way. As well as Discovery Virtual Reality has a project that consist in show the life of elephants in South Africa. For this reason Virtual Reality is a excellent tools to teach with a innovative way, because of this there are already enterprises that use this mechanism for a better teaching and soon Virtual Reality will be more popular in educatives institutions for its many aplication. Uses of Technological Elements The 40% of students who graduated does not recive a quality education and always have fault in education (Segal, 2016). This mean that not all knowledge is acquired by students. For this reason, technology in this time is necessary because it can help with education such as improve the productivity in the classroom or also increse the attention and motivation in the students. However, technology have alredy implemented in enducation in many time ago like calculator, printer, old computers used by teacher. But with throughout years technology have improved and now there are internet, movil technology like ipads or cellphones, virtual classrooms such as Google Classroom. All of this news technological tools are a good way to make homeworks or investigation. Therefore introduce new technology in education for improving teaching like the internet, virtual classroom or Virtual Reality are tools for learning more about the differents subjects that are difficult to understand. Likewise, combine traditional classroom with technology like computer plus board, or us application in cellphone to learn something such as Duolingo that is a video game in cellphone that help yo to learn diferents languages. According to Segal (2016), in 2012 the company of Duolingo implemented this app in schools for that the students can learn with new methods and they see that the students are feeling more motivate and their concentrated was better. Additionally, Virtual Reality can be used in chemestry laboratory of educative institution for see how work an experiment without any risk. It is because this innovative tools permit to work whit interactive way and immerse totally in environment that you are. In conclusion, there are a lot of possibilities to use the technology like element for teach and learn in the classroom. Adjusts to students different learning styles According Wikipedia (2016), Sà ³crates was the creator about a new method of learning that deduction. This method consist that all of knowledge can be learned by reasoning way. It means that the knowledge learn better when the things are reasoned but not to much when are memorized. Moreover, each one of people learn in differents way. There are people that learn better when they see the things, other people learn better with sounds, and other people learn when they touch the things. For this reason, the knowledge in this paper are clasificated in three different learning style that are auditory, visual and kinesthetic. But the Virtual Reality combine those three learning styles. Auditory According to Lake Superior State University (There is not the year), approximately 30% of the people learn keep information after hear somethig. This learners prefer to talk or hear about a subject. They can memorize of sound easily and improve their knowledge through spoken class and then with interaction with another person. Therefore, this kind of learners prefer have sound around him because they concentrat better. Kinesthetic Almost 5% of people can learn when touch something ot pick up the things (Lake Superior State University). This kind of people learn better when make the things after that learn them. Also, they can develop their knowledge for example if their study rocks, the kinesthetic person could understand better than the another learning styles. Consecuently, this people need blocks or anything that they can learn about its texture or shape. Visual Approximately 65% of people can learn better when see photographs, picture, diagrams or notes (Lake Superior State University). This Kind of population prefer demonstration and they are be able of imagine the information visually. The student that has this hability will have more adventege with the other students because in class normally learning that the teacher does. In conclution, the people that have this learning styles can be better than the students that learn with auditory and kinesthetic. Nevertheless, all of this diferent learning styles can developt with Virtual Reality because it consist in helpmet that the content can be seen and listened by this helpment. Likewise, it has a glove where you can feel the texture and shape. This permit that the students have a interaccion and immerse with the environment of Virtual Reality as if it were the real world. For example, a laboratory, a rocky mountain, be inside a cell. Finally, there are a lot of possibilities with this innovative and creative tool to teach. Conclusion In conclusion, throughout years the technology has been improved and it had been a great help in education such as Virtual Reality. This tool can tech to the innovative way like natural science and it adjust with the differents learning styles. This investigation show that combines the traditional methods with the technology could be the key for improve the education around the world but is necessary follow with the investigation because still not exist enough relationship with Virtual Reality and education, but how technology is advancing soon the Virtual Reality can be seen in many schools around the world.

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