Sunday, October 6, 2019

Saudi Arabia IT and Telecommunications industry analysis Essay

Saudi Arabia IT and Telecommunications industry analysis - Essay Example This was meant to make the telecommunication industry in the country expand and upgrade its management of network. The Saudi Arabian information technology and telecommunication industry has grown substantially since 1970 up-to-date by advancing its capacity by 3.5 million telephone lines. These subsequent expansion and privatization of telecommunication industry has drawn national recognition in this seventh development plan. Currently the markets are hot and their maintenance is not guaranteed. Manufacturers will have to rely on big money generating projects with personal relations being the main leeway to winning these deals (Oxford Business Group 102). There are possible opportunities in Saudi Arabians IT and telecommunication industry particularly with the wireless communications though there are barriers of its expansion. Complicated bands of telecommunications have been restricted to defense and aviation programs though it is anticipated that the government will ultimately free this authority. The launch of GSM has shown possibility of privatization and consequent expansion of broadband service available for the wireless (Al-aklabi and Al-Allak 76). Saudi Arabia has key pillars that are quite promising in shaping the next growth sectors in the technology field. The youth favoring population of Saudi Arabia shows high potentials of future technological growth. Youth can be perceived as the drivers of telecom development as they posses the prime purchasing power of technological products and services. This pillar continues to be the motivating factor for telecom industry hence the economy of Saudi Arabia (Jasimuddin 60). The mobile operators have on their side been providing services that favor the youth or target the youth segment as their possible clients. In Saudi Arabia, there has been a surge in internet

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