Saturday, October 12, 2019

The Lack Of Women in Arizona Politics, Specifically the United States Congress :: Essays Papers

The Lack Of Women in Arizona Politics, Specifically the United States Congress Arizona has been referred to as the "state of the woman" in recent literature. Last year, the state made history when it became the first to elect females to all top five executive positions of the state, see Jimena Valdes' essay. These elections indicate that women have gained much equality in Arizona politics based on their state success. However, if one is to study the representation of Arizona women in national politics, it is apparent that there is still a definite lack of woman in this area of politics. Currently, there are no women representing Arizona in the United States Congress, and there have only ever been two, Isabella Greenway and Karan English. This essay discusses the reasons behind this misrepresentation of woman in Arizona national politics; such as economic inequality, the lack of support from well-known male politicians, strong family bias, which has been a result of the powerful Republican political force that exists in Arizona, and the alienation of wome n when they are finally elected to the United States Congress. I: Isabella Selmes Greenway: Socialite and Businesswoman Isabella Greenway was the first Arizona congresswoman, and unlike many other woman of her time, she had strong political support from the first family, which was the main reason behind her nomination to Congress in 1933. Isabella Greenway first entered politics as a supporter of Franklin Roosevelt, who became a very close friend as a result of Greenway’s long relationship with his wife (Office 1). This of course was an extremely important step in her establishment of a political career. Because of her close friendship with the first family, Isabella Greenway had every opportunity to watch Franklin Roosevelt in his political career, and then use her acquired knowledge to move into a political career of her own, in the Democratic party. This was a unique opportunity, and there is no doubt that she would not have entered into politics if there had not been this friendship between her and the Roosevelts. In Greenway’s lifetime, female politicians were an extremely r are species, and it was only because of this strong political backing from the first family, that she became the first Arizona Congresswoman. Isabella Greenway’s nomination also came as a result of her wealth, which was also a unique property for a woman living in her time, and would not have come about if her two rich husband’s had not died.

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