Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Author decide Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Author decide - Essay Example They include (taken randomly) the agenda setting theory, classic rhetoric, hypodermic needle theory, face negotiation theory, cognitive dissonance theory, and uncertainty reduction theory. This random list was provided to illustrate the seriousness and earnestness by which communication is seen by scholars and scientists. Another line of thought that emerged with regard to communication and culture was the Frankfurt School during the 1930s primarily through scholars associated with the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt, Germany. This paper is a study on communication theories with special relevance of the Frankfurt School of thought in modern day capitalistic structure. The one term that comes to mind regarding language is glottogony. Campbell and Mixco, in their book A glossary of historical linguistics define the term as â€Å"the emergence (origin) of human language, the study of the origin and earliest development of human language, the name for a kind of linguistics concerned with the origin and evolution of language† (Campbell & Mixco 72). There is no clear evidence as to when language evolved. It is believed that communication started with guttural sounds and actions or pantomimes which later led to the development of a pidgin language. According to Ellis, â€Å"when a pidgin language becomes more accepted and standardized, when it becomes the native language of a generation of children, then it is called a Creole† (Ellis 149). Language further developed with structure and grammar and came to be referred to as prestigious forms of speaking, for example the English language. As mentioned earlier, both humans and species in the a nimal kingdom communicate. In the latter case, communication is primarily through sounds (including variations in pitch) and actions. The monkey watchman on the tree top will cry in alarm at the approach of the predator.

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