Monday, October 21, 2019

Multicultural Society Essay Example

Multicultural Society Essay Example Multicultural Society Essay Multicultural Society Essay Britain is one of the most multicultural society in Europe. It has a population ranging from Caribbean to Chinese. Within the police force this is reflected. For example, Leicester has one of the highest ethnic minority population in UK. Their police force reflects the society, which they serve. The ethnic community would not accept all workers coming from white population. The advantage of the police force by recruiting ethnic minority is that they will be dismantling the psychological barrier. Recruiting an ethnic minority will give them a better chance of understanding the community even better. Black and Asian people always held suspicion over the police and one way of getting around this problem is by getting them to join the force. Recruitment Diversity is central to modernisation in the police service and we want to ensure that the police service accurately reflects the community it serves8. It has been suggested by Kandola Fullerton that one of the advantage of Diversity is recruitment. Organisation have realised that if their organisation is diversity then they have better chance of recruiting high standard of people. I believe if a person was to choose between an organisation, which was not diverse, and one, which was diverse, then they would choose the latter. Certainly there is problem of recruitment and retention problem with the police force. A lot of Black and Asian people do not apply due to the negative views held about the police. And even after they do join they leave after short time. There is a degree of element that diversity improves job satisfaction and increase productivity. If an employee feels that they are being valued and their needs are being met then its only natural that they will pay back their employers. The police force have realised that they cannot just rely on male officers to run the force. They have realised that women can also play a major role. Women represent 44% of economically active population11. In order to reach that target market they have put in several strategies: Promotion Development They have redesigned accelerated promotion scheme- the High Potential Development Scheme. Designed it to be more attractive to women, such as enlighten training delivery, more regular opportunities to join, increased capacity to setp off and back on Gay Lesbian Sexuality Issue This is a market, which has not been touched upon. The Association of Chief Police Officers has issued guidelines to the Police Service on the issue of sexual orientation. Conclusion From my research I have found that the Police are indeed a very diverse workforce compared with other organisation. Maybe this is because they are public service, their main job is to serve the community they represent. I believe the Police Force have accepted diversity not just because they are having problems recruiting people but because they also see the benefit. If they want to provide the best service to the people they serve then the best way is to recruit those people.

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