Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Triad Problematic of Youth Entrepreneurship Research Proposal - 4

Triad Problematic of Youth Entrepreneurship - Research Proposal Example I am considering to replace my used car with another one with a budget I can afford. My net worth in cash does not exceed  £5,000. I will need to finance the rest of the budget via the sale of my old car. The car I currently own has high mileage and can only be sold at the lowest minimum price of 7,266. I decided to vend my automobile to the broker from whom I will get the new car. Even with the finance that I may get from the sale of my motor vehicle, I will not be able to get to the price if the new car that is being sold for 17,293 as the lowest price. The sales representative is allowed to make a sale at this price or higher than that. He is looking to make a deal before closing the business for the weekend. The deal is to be completed on the third day of the following week. Since I cannot afford the car with my total budget from the cash I have and the cash I get from the sale of the car, I need to get extra funds. The total funds that I can afford just exceed 12,000. In this case, I may request for a loan worth 5,000 in order to complete my purchases. In my course of negotiation, I came to realize that I will be able to get a loan from the car dealers. There are some rates that are offered, and the salesperson has to meet. The rules that guide the sales representative are vital in business operations (Jones, Chin, & Aiken, 2014, p. 91). The boss will need to see if the salesman utilizes the skills that he had gotten from the college level in carrying out the business. The skills also entail making a higher bid for the loans. I came to realizes that the higher loan the salesman makes with the client, the higher the special bonus.  

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