Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Matthew Hale and the Creativity Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Matthew Hale and the Creativity - Research Paper Example Hale was only 2 years old when the Church of the Creator was founded. He was the youngest among 4 siblings composed of boys. At the early age of 11, Hale professed that â€Å"white people had been responsible for the vast majority of progress in the world, and as such, the idea that the races were 'equal' to one another seemed incorrect.† This was the year when the future Pontifex Maximus or highest priest of Creativity had his racial awakening. During his collegiate life, Hale wrote editorials for the university paper and there he supported and justified opinions towards White Separatism. The 80s was the era that should have started embracing equality and began to eliminate racism yet there are still people who did the opposite and further discriminate others who are not white.3 Klassen stated in his book that â€Å"the black man is without a doubt the most dangerous creature on the face of the earth to the further survival of the White Race. He is a danger that rivals that of the Jew himself, although for different reasons. Granted, the Jew is by far the greater overall danger in manipulating and destroying the White Race.†4 The founder of the WCOTC is one of the people who influenced the ideologies of Hale during his collegiate days. ... There were events that followed that Hitler and his other comrades did not approved of. Hitler and the others thought of the acts as a betrayal from the moralities that they were fighting for. This was the beginning of Hitler’s hatred towards other people who have opposing opinions towards his perspectives.5 Klassen considered Germany, Adolf Hitler and National Socialism as fighters for salvation. It was not just Hale who has been influenced by Hitler but also the founder of the WCOTC himself. It would not be a surprise as to why the Creativity Movement are full of anger and hatred not just to those who are not White but also to those who are White but Jews. Klassen even glorified Hitler’s inhumane actions by stating the following, â€Å"Well, he has done a great deal. For one thing he has bought us time. As we stated previously, undoubtedly by the end of the 1930's all of Europe and most likely the whole world would be lying crushed and gutted, cowering at the feet of the diabolical Jewish monster — communist Marxism. Adolf Hitler did not die in vain. He died for his beloved White Race, including you and me. He bought us at least 50 years of time in which we could rally ourselves and make a great Final effort to victoriously crush the monster that is now still clutching at our throat.†6 There are a couple of things that Klassen and Hitler believed in that complemented the thoughts and viewpoints of Hale; this would be hate and racism. Another thing in common between the 2 people who influenced Hale was both Klassen and Hitler committed suicide.7 8 When Hale was proclaimed as the Pontifex Maximus in 1996, he became the most prominent and most effective leader of the WCOTC. The World

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