Thursday, September 26, 2019

Final Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Final - Research Paper Example Economists and social scholars have termed the crash of the financial markets in the United States of America as a self-serving failure on the part of the regulations of the government. There were lapses and loopholes in the fiscal regulation deposed and an unimplemented by the government contributed to the financial crush. At this point and level, it may be needless to stress on the effects and impact of the financial crash since the effects and extent of the crash was felt far and wide. It however did cost the country as a whole to revive the economy such as the banks being forced to give mortgages band loans to people without proper credit worthiness record (Hartmann, Straetmans & Vries, 2004). Analysts and economic observes have raised concerns and issues such to the direction that the extent of the negative effects and consequences of the financial meltdown could have been avoided if there were proper regulations on banks and micro-credit institutions which gave out mortgages. In order to pursue this research to its logical conclusion and end, it would be imperative to gauge the macro and fiscal regulations which would be introduced along government policies to control the effects of the crash. Thus, this paper will delve into the concept and issue of fiscal policies which would be introduced hand in hand with the remedial policies by the United States government to help caution and prevent the economy in going into another financial markets crash. In principle, there are sectors and areas which would prove beneficial to this study so as to arrive at informed inference and recommendation (Hodgson, 2009). They include the policy sectors, the bank regulatory authorities and the financial markets as a whole. Therefore this research and study will seek to explore means and avenues which will caution the economy of

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