Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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Behavior- Behave, it its root form, means to contain or to have. In the reflective sense, it means ‘to have bear oneself’. To use the word behave in common conversation, it is understood as to ‘behave well’. As for the phrase ‘to behave badly’, it is understood immediately. Behavior is looked at in society as the way a person presents him or herself in a given situation. It is also related to the specialized sense of manners. Use of the noun to refer to public conduct or, in a moral sense, to a general range of activities is still quite common. But the term is also used in relation to plants, lower organisms and animals to describe the apparent activity of the whole organism. One particular meaning followed from the extension of the methodology of the physical and biological sciences to an influential school of psychology which described itself as behaviorism. Psychology was seen as a purely objective experimental branch of natural science and data of a mental or experimental kind were ruled out as unscientific. This had the effect of limiting the nature of human activity to interactions determined by an environment, other conceptions of intention or purpose being rejected. Many socially applied fields such as communications and advertising, the relatively neutral physical senses of response have been developed into a reductive system of controlled behavior as a summary of all significant human activity. The most important effect is the description of certain intentional human practices and systems as if they were natural stimuli, to which responses can be graded as normal, abnormal or deviant. The sense of independent response is weakened, with important effects in politics and sociology. Bourgeois- Originating in the French language, bourgeois indicates an inhabitant of a borough. Under the feudal regime in France, bourgeois was a judicial category in society, sometimes defined as a trustworthy citizen whose being in life is stable and content. Bourgeois was a word mostly used by the aristocrats because of their contempt for the middle-class. It was also used by the underclass in a sense of respect. The steady growth in size and importance of this bourgeois class in the centries of expanding trade had major consequences in political thought, which in turn had complicating effects on the word. A new concept of society was expressed and transl... ...t controlling intermediary between producers, an employee of labor, or as the owner of the means of production. Career- Definition- The word career is so regularly used to describe a person’s progress in life that the original meanings of the word have been long forgotten. The word career originally meant any rapid or uninterrupted activity. It was used when referring to a carriage road or a racecourse. Career began to evolve when it was used with reference to diplomats and statesmen. The word soon began to indicate progress in a vocation and then the vocation itself. Today, career is inseparable from the terms work, labor, or job. It has been applied to jobs with explicit internal development and has been extended to any favorable or desired occupation. Career is still used in the abstract sense of politicians and entertainers, with some conscious and unconscious class distinction, to work or a job which contains some implicit promise of progress. Career now usually implies continuity if not necessarily promotion, yet the distinction between career and job only partly depends on this and is often associated also with class distinctions between different kinds of work.

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